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May 10th, 2012

The handy Youku Downloader application will enable you to download flash videos from


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May 10th, 2012 



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Editor's Opinion
The "Youku Downloader" is a handy, feature-rich and powerful program that will enable you to easily and quickly download and play your favorite videos from all the major video sharing websites. Give this smart and free utility a try and see just how easy it is to enjoy your favorite web videos directly from your computer.
Editor's Description
It happens to us all to find certain videos or music that simply enchant us and can't get them off our mind. You can simply bookmark them and see them again but in most cases that is not sufficient because they might get removed or you may lose the link. If you want to save your favorite video clips right on your system, then you will find the easy to use Youku Downloader as an amazing solution.

The handy Youku Downloader application was especially designed to offer you a simple and effective way of downloading your favorite videos from the Internet. Working with this smart and convenient piece of software will prove to be a walk in the park even for the less experienced users due to the very simple, compact and user friendly interface. All you have to do in order to quickly save all your favorite videos is to install and run the simple to use Youku Downloader software.

The reliable Youku Downloader utility was originally build to help users save their precious videos from but as it benefits from a general flash video download engine it also allows you to easily download content from all the major video sharing websites such as: YouTube, Metacafe, Liveleak and so many more. You can either copy and paste the URL link in the download field or, since the helpful Youku Downloader application supports that the drag and drop function, simply drop it on the Drop Basket window and this smart tool will be automatically download the video to your disk.

Moreover, the powerful Youku Downloader tool also offers a merge function thus allowing you to create a single video file in case the desired video is composed of several segments. This function is especially useful since it provides uninterrupted view of larger video clips that are split due to size limitations imposed by the video sharing website. You will also benefit from a built-in search feature that will allow you to find the most recent videos added on and download them with just a single click of the mouse. You will also benefit from a history list for all finished downloads as well as a view of the current videos being downloaded (Jobs window). The files will automatically be downloaded in the FLV file format and can be directly played with the built-in video player.

If you take into consideration the fact that the useful Youku Downloader utility is provided as a freeware then there shouldn't be any reason left to prevent you from giving it a try and easily and quickly download and enjoy your favorite video clips.

To sum it all up, if you need a smart, user friendly and effective application that will enable you to download and play your favorite video clips from all the major video sharing websites in a quick and easy manner then the easy to use Youku Downloader will prove to be a great and reliable solution.
Youku Downloader VIDEO TRAILER
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
Youku Downloader Award
Youku Downloader Antivirus Scan Report done by

Youku Downloader Award
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Youku Downloader Scan reports
Avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Monday, April 23, 2012 11:07:44 AM
* VPS: 120422-1, 04/22/2012

C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$PLUGINSDIR\InstallOptions.dll [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$PLUGINSDIR\LangDLL.dll [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$PLUGINSDIR\CloseFlvDownload.dll [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$INSTDIR\config\swfobject.js [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$INSTDIR\config\mediaplayer.swf [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$INSTDIR\YoukuDownloader(xmlbar).exe [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$INSTDIR\updater.exe [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe\$INSTDIR\IEBar\xbietb.dll [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 36
Total folders: 1
Total size: 4.2 MB

* Task stopped: Monday, April 23, 2012 11:07:45 AM
* Run-time was 1 second(s)

Kaspersky AV 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 44, objects: 41, time: 00:00:03)
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe:Zone.Identifier
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM Archive: NSIS C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/data0001
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\InstallOptions.dll
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\ioSpecial.ini
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\modern-wizard.bmp
4/23/2012 11:08:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\LangDLL.dll
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\CloseFlvDownload.dll
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/swfobject.js
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM Packed: Swf2Swc C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/mediaplayer.swf
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/mediaplayer.swf/Swf2Swc
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/mediaplayer.swf
4/23/2012 11:08:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/YoukuDownloader(xmlbar).exe
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/updater.exe
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/jobdone.wav
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/English.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Chinese Simplified.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Arabic.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Chinese Traditional.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Czech.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Dutch.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/French.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/German.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Italian.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Japanese.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Korean.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Polish.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Portuguese.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Russian.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Spanish.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Swedish.lng
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Type.ini
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/FlvRules.ini
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/Domain.ini
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/xbietb.dll
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/XBIEBar.xml
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/XBIEBar.xml
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/xmlbar.bmp
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/data0035
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/data0036
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/#
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe/#
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM OK C:\Softoxi\myoukudownsetup.exe
4/23/2012 11:08:02 AM Task completed

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