Wallpaper Calendar

A tool that automatically draws a calendar on your Windows desktop wallpaper.

Date added: February 14th, 2012 | Downloads: 16 | Licence: Freeware


Windows only centers or tiles your wallpaper. Use Aligner to position your wallpaper anywhere on the desktop

Date updated: February 7th, 2012 | Downloads: 44 | Licence: Freeware


ZMatrix is an animated desktop background which displays streaming characters in a style similar to what was used in the movie 'The Matrix'.

Date added: February 1st, 2012 | Downloads: 15 | Licence: Gpl

Wallpaper Updater

Wallpaper Updater is easy to install, with a user-friendly interface. A simple application used to manage your desktop wallpaper.

Date updated: January 27th, 2012 | Downloads: 75 | Licence: Freeware

BioniX Wallpaper

Popular desktop wallpaper changer / manager.

Date updated: January 24th, 2012 | Downloads: 24 | Licence: Freeware

Color Desker

The handy Color Desker application will allow you to easily change your desktops background.

Date updated: January 23rd, 2012 | Downloads: 55 | Licence: Freeware


Free wallpaper changer using popular image websites as input.

Date updated: December 30th, 2011 | Downloads: 104 | Licence: Freeware

Mourao Wallpaper Changer

Mourao Wallpaper Changer is a smart tool that helps you change your desktop wallpaper.

Date updated: December 5th, 2011 | Downloads: 41 | Licence: Freeware

Automatically Wallpaper Changer Software

Automatic Desktop Background Change Software - is the application for wallpaper automatic change!

Date added: November 11th, 2011 | Downloads: 11 | Licence: Freeware

I-Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper changer for Windows users

Date updated: October 21st, 2011 | Downloads: 14 | Licence: Demo

Jimpl Wallpaper Changer

Jimpl Wallpaper Changer helps you to always have a fresh wallpaper.

Date added: September 16th, 2011 | Downloads: 12 | Licence: Freeware

Desktop Slideshow

Simple and easy to use desktop wallpaper changer

Date updated: September 16th, 2011 | Downloads: 101 | Licence: Freeware


WallSwap is a free program that has the ability to create wallpaper slideshows.

Date added: August 31st, 2011 | Downloads: 17 | Licence: Freeware

Wallpaper Randomizer

Small system tray wallpaper changer.

Date added: July 11th, 2011 | Downloads: 13 | Licence: Freeware


WinFaceOff is a lightweight and free wallpaper changer for Windows.

Date added: June 22nd, 2011 | Downloads: 24 | Licence: Freeware
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