Toys and Trees

March 13th, 2012

Find out why sustainable development, recycling and the "God factor" are so important for the planet.


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March 13th, 2012 



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Editor's Opinion
If you want to teach your kids a valuable lesson about ecology and the importance of a working ecosystem, then Toys and Trees might just be the right approach. This thought-provoking game is great for children and adults alike.
Editor's Description
One would think that when dealt with such a grave subject as the destruction of our world, a lot more people would pay attention and actually try to change something for the better. Sadly this isn't the case and that's why games like Toys and Trees had to be created.

Toys and Trees is an inspirational game whose purpose is to the raise the general level of awareness for the need of a healthy ecosystem. This educative application may help provide posterity with a better world where they can build a better a future.

Basically, in Toys and Trees you manage a small, closed environment that is composed out of a tree, a toy factory and a man. Clicking the human will make him chop out a part of the tree and create a new toy. If you do this too often and you don't give it enough time to regenerate the tree will eventually die and the entire ecosystem will soon follow.

In Toys and Trees there is a delicate balance between the bad gas and the good gas which is represented by blue and black spheres that are floating around. If the tree dies there will be no one left to convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen, the black bubbles will overwhelm the blue ones, the pollution gauge will stay on the red color and in a very short time the man will also die. But if you are patient enough and you keep the tree alive, the man will also live, the toy factory will continue to work and you will be able to fill the entire plain with beautiful toys.

Toys and Trees is a very meaningful game that aims to produce a mentality change in our children, by teaching them how important it is to try and preserve our planet, so that it can continue to sustain our lives for many generations to come.

Toys and Trees will also provide a lesson in recycling as it allows you to place any of the already existing toys on the conveyor belt of the factory in order to create new items without actually chopping the tree, but this will also generate pollution and if you do it too often the man will die.

The help part of Toys and Trees can be easily accessed by pressing F1. It contains an overview of the game and some of the programmer's thoughts and credos about environmentalism, pollution, children education and saving our planet.

In conclusion, Toys and Trees is an eye-opening, constructive game that will help to educate kids about the need for a sustainable development, recycling and for having a healthy ecosystem.
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