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Network Pinger

March 19th, 2012

An awesome tool with Mass Pinging and Network Monitoring capabilities.


1.5 MB 

Date Added:

March 19th, 2012 


OS Support:

Windows 2k / Xp / Vista / 7 

License/Program Type:



Gonzalo Ferreira 



Editor's Opinion
If you are in need of a great network monitoring application, then Network Pinger is a really awesome solution. This high-quality tool is so amazingly versatile, comprehensive and intuitive that you will quickly begin to wonder how you could handle things without its assistance.
Editor's Description
Most people who have jobs that involve working on the computer, spend a lot of time searching for the perfect application that can fit all their needs, that can help eliminate routine tasks and that will allow them to have more free time by improving their productivity. If you are a network administrator, then Network Pinger is the tool that you were looking for.

Network Pinger is a powerful application that offers mass pinging as well as network monitoring abilities. This feature-rich program is an excellent solution for everyone, from experienced users to people who are just learning the ropes.

Network Pinger will allow you to use various commands like ping, traceroute, portscan, whois, resolve or WMI queries for any web site or I.P. address that you desire. All you have to do is to insert the address that you want, select the appropriate command and the application will instantly start doing its job. Moreover, with this user friendly tool you can customize the monitoring process by determining the charts configuration, by choosing the mass ping time, by enabling or disabling the white, yellow or red alerts and by modifying their thresholds.

A really impressive aspect of using Network Pinger is the fact that this handy tool is also very convenient. Each function or feature that the program has to offer embeds one or more ways of making your job as easy as possible. Whenever you use a command like ping, traceroute or whois the application will offer you a time chart and a pie chart that can be quickly saved as .bmp images, complete information about your action and the possibility to easily pause, stop, resume or restart the process at any given time.

Network Pinger will help boost your efficiency by allowing you to create and save your own working sessions, so that you don't have to manually input your settings each time that you run the application, by enabling you to define your own hosts and by helping you to easily calculate I.P.s. Furthermore, besides providing instant access to a series of useful tools like the Windows Calculator, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Wordpad etc. this intuitive tool will also allow you to generate and edit customized commands or scripts that will launch the tools that you usually need.

To sum it all up, Network Pinger is an intuitive, reliable and efficient tool that will allow you to easily and conveniently monitor and mass ping any web site or network address that you want to.
Network Pinger VIDEO TRAILER
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
Network Pinger Award
Network Pinger Antivirus Scan Report done by Softoxi.com

Network Pinger Award
Network Pinger Video Tutorial done by Softoxi.com
Network Pinger Scan reports
Avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:57:00 PM
* VPS: 120315-0, 03/15/2012

C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip\Network Pinger\logo.png [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip\Network Pinger\printLogo.png [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip\Network Pinger\config.dat [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip\Network Pinger\putty.exe [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip\Network Pinger\Network Pinger.exe [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip [+] is OK
C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip:Zone.Identifier [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 7
Total folders: 1
Total size: 4.6 MB

* Task stopped: Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:57:03 PM
* Run-time was 3 second(s)

Kaspersky AV 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 10, objects: 7, time: 00:00:00)
3/15/2012 1:56:20 PM Task started
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM Task completed
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip:Zone.Identifier
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM Archive: ZIP C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip/Network Pinger/logo.png
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip/Network Pinger/printLogo.png
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip/Network Pinger/config.dat
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip/Network Pinger/putty.exe
3/15/2012 1:56:21 PM OK C:\softoxi\networkPinger.zip/Network Pinger/Network Pinger.exe

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