August 9th, 2012

A real-time backup software


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August 9th, 2012 



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Windows Xp / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7 

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Editor's Opinion
MirrorFolder - powerful, reliable and handy real-time mirroring and synchronization software that lets you backup files in an easy, safe, fast and convenient manner.
Editor's Description
We live in an age of paradox; regardless of storage devices increasing in size, format and mobility, data reliability is becoming increasingly volatile. Your most precious information is always at the risk of either hardware failure, malicious software intrusion and many other such reasons. For all cases though, whether accidental or intentional, data loss is equally disastrous. If you add to these scenarios a business / personal environment, you get a very realistic overview of our times. Luckily there are means to counter data loss and one of the most popular and effective is backup. Here to illustrate just that is MirrorFolder.

What is MirrorFolder ?

While synchronization is considered a specialized adaptation of backup technologies and not even regarded as a true backup solution, the advantages of such an implementation is immediately obvious. Using a system where changes in a location is reflected in its counterpart(s), synchronization can effectively improve your productivity when working with the same set of files, will generally provide more user control as well as automation functions. Conveniently enough, you can find all this within MirrorFolder and a bit more.

By mixing both synchronization and mirroring capabilities, this little tool offers the user a reliable and solid safeguard against any possible data loss. It can mirror folders and synchronize them in real time and supports multiple types of output locations whether desktop, laptop or server computers.

Within a clean, robust graphical user interface, you can create one or multiple mirrors for your most important directories and what's more even entire drives with the possibility of saving to other local, removable or network drives. The layout is divided among tabs to give users a quick insight of the application's capabilities as well as fast access. If enabled, you can even archive older versions of mirrored data inside a series of zip type files. This means you can keep the new versions of files as well as the old and revert whenever the time arises.

Here are some of the application's features:

Whether for personal or business use, MirrorFolder is up for the task at hand. Even more so, the utility is targeted at both advanced and novice users combining flexible features with an intuitive layout to provide a well designed, versatile and powerful software.

Automation features are in place to give you a simple functionality; you only need to create mirrors or synchronizations once and they will then be performed automatically, considerably saving user time.

Considering MirrorFolder runs as a service in the background, it will take up a minimum of your system resources regardless of the mirroring or synchronization tasks it has to perform.

They say that you should always store multiple copies of any valuable data and with MirrorFolder you can put this to practice quite effectively; the application allows users to mirror and synchronize directories to multiple locations, each complete with its very settings.

If storage size is not an issue, why not backup an entire drive ? MirrorFolder supports the mirroring of an entire system drive to another drive in RAID-1 mode, meaning you can boot from the mirror in case primary drive fails.

You can enjoy MirrorFolder's capabilities on multiple types of drives whether local, network on LAN / VPN, removable with support for USB / eSATA and many more. With a few limitations you can make use of local / network synchronization.

Another popular feature is support for mirroring exclusively for opened files via the RAID-1 type mode. With the Windows Volume Shadow Copy you can copy opened files in other synchronization modes as well.

What most users will enjoy the most though is scheduling; with the built-in function to plan ahead automatic synchronization and archiving of mirror folders at a user defined time interval. MirrorFolder also supports automatic synchronization of mirror folders for specific system actions like idle, system startup, logon, logoff, shutdown or when connecting a removable drive. Scheduling with MirrorFolder is quite flexible to suit just about all needs.

For those equiped with multi core processor systems, MirrorFolder's ability to work with separate threads along with different priorities adds more strength to the application. Also supports bi-directional synchronization option.

Whenever dealing with directories containing large number of files, the support for NTFS Change Journals will come in handy for providing an even faster folder synchronization.

MirrorFolder is also able to copy NTFS alternate named streams, file permissions, extended attributes, sparse files, encrypted files, reparse point, symbolic link, etc. When mirroring files, the default setting is at byte level with the option to change and copy files at block level as well.

Whenever you mirror or synchronize content, filtering data can save plenty of time as well as disk space; MirrorFolder provides filtering capabilities for including or excluding a set of folders or user defined file formats.

A surprising and most welcomed feature is the restriction imposed on either disk, network bandwidth or even CPU priority during background synchronizations.

When dealing with important backup tasks, their success almost vital; that is why MirrorFolder has implemented a email notifications whenever a synchronization or archiving operation has encountered an error or warning.

Straight from the interface the users can quickly locate and restore files from a choice of location directories as well as archive files to a new destination.

Compare source and reference directories in a byte by byte mode. MirrorFolder can detect identical, mismatch, different, newer, older, unique, missing, ignored files and report them accordingly.

From the Logs tab, user can keep track of all automatical / real-time synchronization tasks performed, RAID-1 mirroring, archiving of mirror folders, display warning and errors.

You can always save the settings you have just defined within XML type files; same goes for logs which is quite handy if you want to later analyze events.

Command line support makes MirrorFolder's functionalities easily integrate with third party applications.

Regardless of language your file names and directories are in, MirrorFolder can handle it via its own Unicode support for any Windows language. Even more so, the application includes a choice of multiple languages for its interface like English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.

Overview and requirements

MirrorFolder stands out as a highly flexible and equally reliable backup utility employing effective synchronization and mirroring backup modes to please both advanced and novice users alike. With this tool you can rest assured that even in the case of a disk failure, malware intrusion or accidental deletion, your data is safely stored on multiple storage devices, local and portable with the minimum of user interaction. Scheduling, real-time backup, version archiving are just a few of the program's abilities. You can get a taste of all this yourself by downloading the 30 day free trial.

The utility includes support for multiple Windows systems on both 32 and 64 bit editions: Xp, Vista, 7 and more.

For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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