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It is a known fact that very few of the pictures that you take will actually have the exact size or orientation that you need. Jpegcrop is a great way solve any problem of these kind that you might encounter.

Jpegcrop is a handy tool that will allow you to easily crop your images. This tool is dependable, effective and, best of all, it is absolutely free so it definitely shouldn't miss from your collection.

With Jpegcrop you will be able to edit any JPEG file that you desire. You can quickly rotate, flip, mirror or transpose your images, you will be able to instantly reduce the greyscale (black and white effect) and you will have the possibility to effortlessly crop the photo ...Read more about Jpegcrop

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Jpegcrop video trailer will start after the blur is lifted. It may take up to 30 seconds depending on your internet connection.



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