Java Mod Player

April 9th, 2012

Java Mod Player is a complete audio player supporting several different file types, playlists, audio streaming and so on.


1.03 MB 

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April 9th, 2012 



OS Support:

Windows All 

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Daniel Becker 



Editor's Opinion
If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to listen to all of your music, then you should get your hands on the handy Java Mod Player. This lightweight application will successfully help you play your music in the easiest possible manner.
Editor's Description
A large number of applications that can play audio files are available on the market, most of them packed with many useful features that even let you edit your music or add lyrics. But, if you need a simple and clean way in which you can listen to all of your songs, without having to deal with complicated menus and an overwhelming number of features, then you can use the handy Java Mod Player.

Java Mod Player is a lightweight audio player that was designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to listen to your entire music music collection in a simple manner. Leave the audio editing and lyrics management to other applications that are specialized in those jobs and enjoy the clear sound of your music by using this handy piece of software.

Besides supporting the popular audio formats, Java Mod Player also supports a large variety of more "unusual" file types such as: ProTracker-Mods (.mod or .wow), NoiseTracker Mods (.nst), FastTracker 2 MODs (.xm) and many others.

Java Mod Player comes with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to view information about the currently loaded audio file and adjust its volume or balance. This lightweight piece of software can load individual files, manage multiple songs in playlists and it even gives you the possibility to load URLs.

In addition, Java Mod Player, compared to other audio players, offers you several other features like the ability to perform interpolated mixing (linear, Cubic, windowed FIR), set 8, 16 or 24 - bit output or recognize and stop endless loops (via fade out) in your songs.

Java Mod Player puts at your disposal mixer control configurations that you can modify in order to make your music sound just the way you like it and you can select one of the five provided skins so that you can make the appearance of the program more pleasing.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple and clean way to listen to your music, then you should take a look at Java Mod Player.
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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Java Mod Player Scan reports
Avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 12:49:22 PM
* VPS: 111212-0, 12/12/2011

C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\SoundOutputStreamImpl.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\RandomAccessInputStreamImpl.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\PowerPackerFile$BitBuffer.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\PowerPackerFile.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\FileOrPackedInputStream.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\SoundOutputStream.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\GaplessSoundOutputStreamImpl.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\RandomAccessInputStream.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\ModfileInputStream.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\WaveFile$WaveFormat_Chunk.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\WaveFile$WaveFormat_ChunkData.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\WaveFile.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\RMIFile.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\RiffFile$RiffChunkHeader.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\io\wav\RiffFile.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\main\JavaModMainBase.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\javamod\main\CommandLine.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\EnvelopeGenerator$State.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\EnvelopeGenerator.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\PointPlotter.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\Potentiometer.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\ExternalFilter.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\WaveformGenerator.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\SID$CycleCount.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\SID$FCPoints.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\SID$State.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\SID.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\ISIDDefs$chip_model.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\ISIDDefs$sampling_method.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\ISIDDefs.class [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\AUTHORS [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\COPYING [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar\de\quippy\sidplay\resid_builder\resid\README [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar:Zone.Identifier [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 739
Total folders: 1
Total size: 3.6 MB

* Task stopped: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 12:49:25 PM
* Run-time was 3 second(s)

Kaspesky AV 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 742, objects: 739, time: 00:00:03)
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM Task started
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar:Zone.Identifier
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM Archive: ZIP C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/SoundOutputStreamImpl.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/RandomAccessInputStreamImpl.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/PowerPackerFile$BitBuffer.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/PowerPackerFile.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/FileOrPackedInputStream.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/SoundOutputStream.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/GaplessSoundOutputStreamImpl.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/RandomAccessInputStream.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/ModfileInputStream.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/WaveFile$WaveFormat_Chunk.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/WaveFile$WaveFormat_ChunkData.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/WaveFile.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/RMIFile.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/RiffFile$RiffChunkHeader.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/io/wav/RiffFile.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/main/JavaModMainBase.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/main/CommandLine.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/main/JavaMod.class
12/13/2011 12:49:35 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/javamod/main/applet/JavaModAppletGui$1.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/SID$CycleCount.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/SID$FCPoints.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/SID$State.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/SID.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/ISIDDefs$chip_model.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/ISIDDefs$sampling_method.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/ISIDDefs.class
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/AUTHORS
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/COPYING
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar/de/quippy/sidplay/resid_builder/resid/README
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM OK C:\Softoxi\javamod.jar
12/13/2011 12:49:38 PM Task completed

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