Free WMA to MP3 Changer

July 30th, 2012

This software is designed to convert file in Window Media format to MP3 format.


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July 30th, 2012 



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Editor's Opinion
Searching for a handy and reliable solution that can help you convert many Windows Media Audio (WMA) may stop here. Free WMA to MP3 Changer is a simple to use and smart tool that gives you a handy solution any WMA to MP3 conversion needs.
Editor's Description
When it comes to digital music, we always search for the best possible quality without having to compromise the size aspect. Because of this, as we all know, nowadays there are many audio formats available. The most popular of these files are the MP3s, because these files are smaller and yet provide acceptable sound quality. Furthermore, there are other audio files types, like Windows Media Audio (WMA) developed by Microsoft, that can be a competitor for MP3 files.

There are many situations when you might need to convert WMA files to MP3s, especially since the number of devices that support only the MP3 is much bigger. Free WMA to MP3 Changer is an easy solution for that. This piece of software is a handy and efficient tool that helps you convert one or many Windows Media Audio (WMA) files to the MP3 format.

Free WMA to MP3 Changer comes with an user friendly interface and it is very easy to use. With only a few simple clicks you can convert WMA into MP3 formats. All you have to do is to add one or more Windows Media Audio (WMA), check your Mp3 settings, select your output destination and press the "Start conversion" button.

To sum it all up, Free WMA to MP3 Changer is an amazingly simple converter that helps you quickly convert one or more Windows Media Audio (WMA) files in the MP3 format. Moreover, this piece of software is totally freeware.
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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avast! 4.8 Scan Report:

* avast! Report
* This file is generated automatically
* Task 'Simple user interface' used
* Started on Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:40:05 AM
* VPS: 111116-1, 11/16/2011

C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\inno.hdr [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\{embedded}\InfoAfter.txt [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#HELPER_EXE_AMD64] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#REGDLL_EXE] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#SHFOLDERDLL] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe [E] Unknown packer version. (42051)
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe:Zone.Identifier [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 8
Total folders: 1
Total size: 13.7 MB

* Task stopped: Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:40:08 AM
* Run-time was 3 second(s)

Kaspersky AV 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 22, objects: 23, time: 00:00:08)
11/17/2011 9:40:00 AM Task started
11/17/2011 9:40:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe:Zone.Identifier
11/17/2011 9:40:00 AM Archive: Inno C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe
11/17/2011 9:40:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/exe Object was not changed (iChecker)
11/17/2011 9:40:00 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/script
11/17/2011 9:40:01 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0000
11/17/2011 9:40:04 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0001
11/17/2011 9:40:04 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0002
11/17/2011 9:40:04 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0003
11/17/2011 9:40:04 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0004
11/17/2011 9:40:05 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0005
11/17/2011 9:40:07 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0006
11/17/2011 9:40:07 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0007
11/17/2011 9:40:07 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0008
11/17/2011 9:40:07 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0009
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0010
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/data0011
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/# Object was not changed (iChecker)
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/# Object was not changed (iChecker)
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe/# Object was not changed (iChecker)
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM OK C:\Softoxi\FreeWMC.exe
11/17/2011 9:40:08 AM Task completed

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