June 22nd, 2011

DiffPDF is used to compare two PDF files - textually or visually.


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June 22nd, 2011 



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Editor`s Description
DiffPDF can compare two PDF files. It offers two comparison modes: Text and Appearance.

By default the comparison is of the text on each pair of pages, but comparing the appearance of pages is also supported (for example, if a diagram is changed or if a paragraph is reformatted). It is also possible to compare particular pages or page ranges. For example, if there are two versions of a PDF file, one with pages 1-12 and the other with pages 1-13 because of an extra page having been added as page 4, they can be compared by specifying two page ranges, 1-12 for the first and 1-3, 5-13 for the second. This will make DiffPDF compare pages in the pairs (1, 1), (2, 2), (3, 3), (4, 5), (5, 6), and so on, to (12, 13).

Final Note
DiffPDF - free, portable tool that allows you to compare two PDF files for differences using both text and appearance methods.

DiffPDF Award
DiffPDF Antivirus Scan Report done by Softoxi.com

DiffPDF Award
DiffPDF Video Tutorial done by Softoxi.com
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C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\diffpdf.exe|>[UPX] [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\diffpdf.exe [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\README [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\CHANGES [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\gpl-2.0.txt [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar|>.\diffpdf.1 [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2|>diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2 [+] is OK
C:/Softoxi/Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2:Zone.Identifier [+] is OK
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4/6/2011 11:22:21 AM Task started
4/6/2011 11:22:21 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2:Zone.Identifier
4/6/2011 11:22:21 AM Archive: BZIP2 c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2
4/6/2011 11:22:22 AM Archive: Tar c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar
4/6/2011 11:22:23 AM Packed: UPX c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./diffpdf.exe
4/6/2011 11:22:24 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./diffpdf.exe/UPX
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./diffpdf.exe
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./README
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./CHANGES
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./gpl-2.0.txt
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar/./diffpdf.1
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2/diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM OK c:\Softoxi\Scan\diffpdf-1.1.5-win32-static.tar.bz2
4/6/2011 11:22:31 AM Task completed

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