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Cross+A is a smart and reliable tool developed for helping users solve crosswords, word-based puzzles, logic puzzles (Sudoku, Nonogram, Kakuro, Hitori, etc.).

The program's database contains a lot of English words complete with descriptions. You can perform word searches by known letters, patterns and descriptions as well as find different types of anagrams, add new words and edit the program's database. The built-in nonogram editor is able to to create black-and-white and multicolored puzzles.

Main Features of Cross+A:

- Search by Letters - Search word by known length and letters.
- Anagram Search - This mode has two special options:
- "Descending" Searc...Read more about Cross+A

Cross+A Video Reviews

Cross+A video trailer will start after the blur is lifted. It may take up to 30 seconds depending on your internet connection.



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