Any DVD Cloner

July 27th, 2012

Any DVD Cloner is a powerful and practical dvd backup software which supports removing DVD protection like CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, etc.


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July 27th, 2012 



OS Support:

Windows All 

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DVDSmith Inc 


39.95 USD 


Editor's Opinion
Any DVD Cloner provides a reliable and efficient solution for backing up your favorite DVD's; features great audio and video quality and processes your DVD with impressive speed.
Editor's Description
They say that whatever data you care for, you should have at least two copies of it; Any DVD Cloner puts this into practice quite efficiently and bellow you may find out exactly how.

What is Any DVD Cloner ?

Any DVD Cloner provides a one click solution to creating backups of your favorite DVD movies. The utility runs fast, preserves the video quality and requires no special knowledge or skill to use. What's more, with the help of the intuitive and comprehensive graphical user interface you will be able to get the job done in no time.

Any DVD Cloner works with even the most stubborn of DVDs - copy protected ones (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) allowing you to make backups of your entire movie collection.

How to use

Start by inserting a DVD you wish to make a copy of. Press Open from within Any DVD Cloner, and the DVD contents will be displayed, complete with all the titles and chapters. Select the clips you wish to clone; by default all of them are selected.

From the Output Device dropdown list select the option most suitable to your needs. Choices include ISO Image File (create an ISO image file), DVD Folder (backup your DVD movie to a local hard disk as a folder), DVD driven, o other DVD burner, or many other DVD burners depending on your computer configuration.


Any DVD Cloner is a reliable, convenient and intuitive application that allows you to backup your DVD movies with the ability to choose from multiple output formats. The utility also removes all DVD copy protection while copying.

Any DVD Cloner is available for both Windows and Mac OS X powered systems under a trial period.
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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Any DVD Cloner Award
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* avast! Report
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* Started on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:03:58 PM
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C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe\inno.hdr [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe\{embedded}\License.txt [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#HELPER_EXE_AMD64] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe\[Embedded_R#SHFOLDERDLL] [+] is OK
C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe\{embedded}\setup.exe [E] Unknown packer version. (42051)
C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe [+] is OK
Infected files: 0
Total files: 6
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Total size: 6.5 MB

* Task stopped: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:03:58 PM
* Run-time was 0 second(s)

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Scan Report:

Virus Scan: completed <1 minute ago (events: 66, objects: 61, time: 00:00:03)
Result: OK (events: 61)
11/15/2011 12:04:13 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/#
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/#/data0034.res
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/#/data0032.res
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0041
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0040
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0039
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0038
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0037
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0036
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0035
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0034
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0033
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0032
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0031
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0030
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0029
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0028
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0027
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0026
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0025
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0024
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0023
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0022
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0021
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0020
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0019
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0018
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0017
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0016
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0015
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0014
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0013
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0012
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0011
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0010
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0009
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0008
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0007
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/d5tod5.html
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/d5tod5.gif
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/cloning types.html
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/choose output device.html
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/button-open-dvd.jpg
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/button-copy-dvd.jpg
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/button-burn-to-dvd.jpg
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/burn-to-dvd_iso.jpg
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/burn-to-dvd_folder.jpg
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006/Appendices.html
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0005
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0004
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0003
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0003/Armadillo
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0002
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0001
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0000
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/script
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/exe
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/exe/data0034.res
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/exe/data0032.res
Result: Archive (events: 2)
11/15/2011 12:04:12 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0006
11/15/2011 12:04:10 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe
Result: Packed (events: 1)
11/15/2011 12:04:11 PM C:\Softoxi\Scan\any-dvd-cloner.exe/data0003
Result: Task started (events: 1)
11/15/2011 12:04:10 PM
Result: Task completed (events: 1)
11/15/2011 12:04:13 PM

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